Facial Red Capillaries

Most unsightly visible facial red or purple blood vessels can be erased in one session, The Newer Laser is not only so effective in removing facial capillaries but it actually tightens the pores, erases fine wrinkles and skin imperfections and gets back to the facial skin its old healthier, clean look.

At VeinCure we use an advanced and specific laser for facial capillaries that effectively erase the blood vessels without affecting the skin, this is a very important consideration when you are making your decision in selecting where to go for facial veins.

Visible red or purple dilated blood vessels (telangiectasias) occur primarily on the face, neck and upper chest. They may appear often around the base of the nose and the top of the cheeks. The cause of these abnormal blood vessels is unknown but they seem to be of a hereditary predisposition and they are most prevalent in people with facial flush or blush, or those with excessive sun exposure. They can be quite unsightly and they take away from the facial skin purity and youthful appearance, other factors have been implicated in the appearance of these dilated capillaries such as hot or spicy foods, hormone levels and steroid medications (see below).

In addition, Rosacea (an adult form of acne) is also treatable at VeinCure Clinic with a special well studied successful protocol that combine the accurate Laser ( which is the best in the world for Facial Rosacea ) with the appropriate topical treatment (which is brought from the USA specially for our Rosacea patients) that result in almost all cases in near complete resolution of all the facial Rosacea.

The laser is a very effective tool in eliminating these unsightly vessels. However, response to the treatment varies and some patients may need more than one session for the desired effect to take place. Results are usually apparent immediately but in some cases the treated vessels may take several weeks to fade. Small hemangiomas and cherry angiomas are often completely removed in one treatment.

Each type of face and neck dilated capillaries, redness, Rosacea, Angioma, wine stains…etc has different color, depth and nature, therefore, requires a different laser equipment to effectively remove it without surgery, scars or complications.

This is precisely why at VeinCure you will find seven different types of Vascular Lasers to treat the entire spectrum of Vascular skin problems; this is the natural advantage of specialized clinic.

We designed a special treatment protocol for Rosacea patients , it includes the proved and safe benefits of all successful modalities and types of lasers with topical treatments that achieve the highest rate of effectiveness in the shortest time possible.

Each laser treatment session for any of the facial vascular conditions mentioned includes:

  1. Light exfoliation & deep pores cleansing treatment to the face prior to laser treatment.
  2. Safe application of the appropriate laser or Lasers for the condition by Dr. Aji himself.
  3. Providing the patient with the appropiate topical treatment and instructions applied in
    between treatment sessions ( when more than one session is required).
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