VeinCure Clinic specialist surgeons have dedicated their entire practice to treating proctology disorders, that is all they do every day.

The advantage of focused specialty clinic is obvious, i.e. Better patient's outcome, painless treatment, faster recovery and no down time.

We specialize in advanced non surgical or minimally invasive treatments of Hemorrhoids (Piles), Anal Fissure, Anal Fistula, Tailbone Cyst (Pilonidal Cyst), Anal and Genital warts, rectal incontinence, anal bleeding and few other anal and rectal disorders.

All our treatments are outpatient based, they are completed in few minutes, done under simple local anesthesia, without pain or hospitalization and with immediate return to your daily activities.

Most physicians and hospitals in the UAE, Oman, KSA and the GCC area refer to us their complicated proctology cases, we have performed thousands of successful laser proctology procedures.

All our specialists have at their disposal all the advanced tools, equipments, laser systems and most importantly the valuable collective experience to complete your treatment and get you back in shape, in a simple, fast, affordable and effective manner.

We accept most insurances at most our branches, we understand the sensitive nature of your privacy and pain and we make the entire process soft, efficient and free of complications.

We divided the proctology disorders to few categories as seen below, just click on the one that interest you to learn more about it.

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