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Warts (Verruca) are common skin lesions (10% of children and adults have them). They are caused by HPV Virus infection that gets transmitted to our skin through micro-traumas (warts on hands) or contact with infected surfaces (like public swimming pools for Plantar warts on the bottom of the feet).Warts are seen more often on the hands, feet, neck and face, under the arms and under or around the nails. In addition they are commonly seen in the Genital areas.

While there are multiple topical treatment modalities for warts, the simplest and the most effective one with the highest level of clearance and convenience is Laser Ablation of warts. It takes seconds to do, it is essentially painless and it has over 95% success rate.Some of the thick Plantar Warts ( on the bottom of the foot ) may need several laser sessions spaced few weeks apart, while most reddish fresh warts are eliminated in one session, se we encourage patients to treat them early, as the laser treatment now has become very simple and effective.

We treat even the most difficult of wart cases, many of our colleagues refer us these cases for our ability to treat them effectively by utilizing several of our advanced laser tools and innovative methods.

Genital warts (in men and women) are treated very effectively with Laser or RadioFrequency ablation, we designed a special protocol for the treatment of these warts that made it simple, safe and very effective. For more discussion on Genital warts treatment please visit our Proctology services under " Others ".

To enhance our success rate in permanently eradicating warts, we often combine it with other modalities of simple topical treatment at home for a specified period of time.

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