Laser Skin Tag Moles Excision

Skin tags (Neck, Underarms, Groins…etc)
Moles (All types and sizes)
Cysts (Ganglions on hand and wrists, Breast cysts, …etc)
Lipomas (Fatty tumors, Skin lumps of all types)
Genital warts (in men and women)
Skin cancers (all types and locations)
Melanoma (suspicious brown spots)
Ingrown Toenail (treated without deforming the nail)
Varicocele (Testicular Varicose veins in men , treated under local anesthesia)
Breast lumps in women (High Resolution Breast Ultrasound and FNA and Lump removal)

Almost every one of us has some skin lesions that he/she wishes to get rid of, but is not sure how and where to go and have it done and wonders whether it would leave a scar or not, would it need stitches..?!..etc.

To answer these questions, we make things simple, no preparations are needed, just book an appointment and come, you can have all your lesions removed in one visit in a painless, fast and scar-less fashion. We use special equipments and tools to do it and we keep the cost at minimum for you.

You ll surprised how easy is to remove moles, lumps, skin tags, fatty tumors, cysts, ingrown nail...etc, no stiches are used, the entire procedure is done at the Doctor's office in few minutes with immediate return to your daily activities.

Again, at VeinCure Clinic, you can book a regular visit with no special preparations needed, we do all these treatments during the same visit.

Men with Varicoceles are diagnosed first by High Resolution Color triplex Ultrasound, and once the diagnosis is confirmed, we treat them by Microscopic Sub-Inguinal Varicocelectomy, under local anesthesia with excellent long term results, we always follow them up with the Endocrinologist to confirm their improvement both by Ultrasound and semen analysis.

Women with breast lump ( found by the patient or her Doctor ) are treated with special care at VeinCure Clinic, we first perform High resolution breast Ultrasound and compare it to the mammogram, to defferentiate between fuild filled cyst and solid mass, then we perform as needed the FNA or the lump removal under local anesthesia and sutures-less incision. This is followed by the appropriate treatment disctated by the pathology indentified on Microscopic exam.

Skin tags in neck region Lipoma (benign fatty tumors on forearm) Melanoma (The worst skin cancer)
Skin cancer (face) Skin cancer (hand) Skin cancer (Ear)
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