Stretch Marks Scar Laser Removal

There are several types of Scars (Hypertrophic, Hypotrophic and Keloids) and they all share a common theme: they are abnormal and we would like them to go or fade away.

Again, Lasers have improved so much over the years to offer us now the tools with which we can effectively treat most scars with reasonable success that was not possible few years ago.

At VeinCure, we start a series of 4-6 sessions of localized laser treatment to scars that would result in significant fading and flattening of the scar. At times, we may perform scar revision (actual minor surgery) or target the reddish or brownish discoloration with the appropriate laser.

Stretch marks or “stria” occur during periods of rapid weight gain or pregnancy, the skin stretches to accommodate increased body volume.

In some people, the skin elasticity cannot keep up with the rapid stretching so the deeper layer of the skin tears instead of stretching while the overlying skin remains intact but appears thin and streaky. Hormones also play a role.

These streaks are called stretch marks. Once stretch marks occur, they are permanent. Many treatments designed in the past failed and continue to fail to treat stretch marks.

Stretch Marks remain one of the most challenging and frustrating skin conditions to Laser Surgeons and patients alike, It was only the combination of treatment and laser systems applied that started to actually yield some descent results on specially fresh or reddish stretch marks.

Pulse dye laser has shown to produce real results in eliminating the discoloration of skin associated with stretch marks which make them look significantly better.

Now, our New, highly advanced  laser that we acquired for this purpose only i.e. scars and stretch Marks, and we worked very hard on developing its best protocols to match the amazing international published studies about it, is yielding stretch marks treatment results that we had never imagined until couple of years ago ( 50% improvement in one session ..! )

We, at VeinCure, use this laser for this purpose almost on a daily basis, through a series of sessions of laser treatments  few weeks apart, we may add other technology to address the specific condition of each patient.

We have been very satisfied with the results we have achieved and we don't think that many other centers can match our success rate in this otherwise challenging condition.

The following pictures represent the realistic results that can be achieved by laser treatment of scars and stretch marks:


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