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Patients are often confused with all the terms we use to describe Rejuvenation of the skin; i.e. getting rid of uneven skin tones, discolorations and wrinkles.

From Thermage to Fraxel to PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy) to T3 (Toning, Tightening, Texturing) to Photo-Rejuvenation, to Twinlight treatment ….etc.

These are all different modalities that share one thing in common: Heating certain layers or cells type in the skin to produce tighter or clearer skin and healthier look.

Different equipments use different laser wave lengths to accomplish their task. The longer the wave length used the deeper the penetration of the laser.
So to keep things simple and have the best results possible, we, at VeinCure have adopted two basic technologies that actually work, produce visible results which made our patients demand them the most, over and over again.

- The T3 treatment directed mostly to the texture, pores and laxity of the skin

( 3 treatment sessions, 2 weeks apart, 10 minutes each, painless, no downtime).
The T3 Produces amazing freshness and firmness of the face and neck skin. This treatment targets the deep layer of the skin where it tightens the collagen bands and stimulates the formation of new ones (please, read more on T3 treatment, our signature treatment at VeinCure by clicking on the Non-Surgical Face Lift button on the left).

-The Photo-Rejuvenation treatment directed mostly to the discoloration of skin be it reddish or brownish, spots, streaks or lines, along with fine hair and acne scars.
The results of 3 sessions, two weeks apart, 15 minutes each are clear evenly toned skin. This treatment target the superficial layer of the skin where most discolorations develope .

- The Fractional resurafcing laser treatment is directed also to the superficial layer of the skin but mostly to physically smooth out the skin, remove its scars ( acne scars , stretch marks ) and irregularities as well as the brownish superficial pigmentations.
We have a specially designed protocol for our photo-rejuvenation at VeinCure that cover most skin imperfection which we combine it as needed with other modalities to achieve the best result possible.
The results of these treatments are simply the best you can have. They are visible, sustainable and clear.

Some patients need both treatments ( T3 and PR or Twinlight and PR ) which we can do in the same visit.

Each Laser treatment  include the following:

  1. Deep cleansing of the superficial layer of dead skin cells and pores.
  2. Patient's specific Laser treatment performed safely by laser Therapist.
  3. Topical treatment provided to all patients to be applied at home in between treatment sessions which compliment our laser treatments and further enhance their effects.


The following pictures demonstrate some of the results that can be easily achieved by few sessions of Photo-Rejuvenation laser treatment.

Before / After

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