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The Recent approval by The American FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) of the digital Transdermal Electroporation Mesotherapy technology as ” a complete and effective alternative to needle injection ” and the developement of the new " DermaFrac" system will forever change the ability of Doctors to effectively treat many skin conditions and fat deposits, from Acne, to wrinkles, to pigmentations, to large pores, oily skin, skin laxity, drooping facial fat, fatty deposits anywhere in the body…etc.

All cosmetic physicians have known for many years about the effectiveness of Mesotherapy (which is basically injecting the skin or fat with ingredients that cause it to significantly tighten or brighten or heal multiple problems such as acne, scars, stretch marks, pigmentations.., or dissolve the fat in the case of treating fatty deposits in resistant areas of the body ….etc) as the necessary ingredients for such positive changes are well known and quite safe because they are mostly made up of natural products that exist in our skin already but become lacking as we age (like the Elastin, Collagen, Hyalorinic acid, Vitamin C…) , the delivery of such products to the deep layers of our skin where they actually work has been a challenge for decades to most cosmetics laboratories, as all the creams, serums, and solutions manufactured to be applied externally on the skin do not penetrate our skin deep enough to be as effective as they claim and they end up unfortunately to be simply expensive moisturizers, no more.

So Doctors started to actually inject these ingredients (through multiple needle injections, sometime up to few hundreds injections at a time) and the results were so visibly positive that the whole concept of ” Mesotherapy’ was born, and all cosmetics companies started to manufacture these ingredients (called serums or cocktails) for different skin conditions and fat melting purposes, but the problem of pain from the multiple injections was never resolved which kept many physicians (including our clinic) from adopting this technology.

The recent FDA approval of Transdermal Mesotherapy (without needles) as ” a complete and effective alternative to needles Mesotherapy ” has caught our attention and caused us to acquire the same technology from the Italian Manufacturer that won the FDA approval, later on came the DermaFrac ( also no needles serum infiltration of the skin under pressure ) and the improvement of wonderful mesoguns, all helped in making Mesotherapy a great service to offer to our patients in a painless and extremely effective way and for a variety of skin and fat deposits conditions.

As we perform more of these Mesotherapies (TDM for short) we can’t help but to be so pleasantly surprised with it immediate effectiveness yet simplicity and safety, we are offering TDM to treat various skin conditions in addition to dissolving localized fat.

Most notably , TDM is very effective for the following conditions:

  • Sagging and aging facial skin, wrinkles, smokers face
  • Oily , Acne prone facial skin, black and white heads
  • Blotchy uneven skin tone with multiple imperfections
  • Pigmentations, Acne scars, dark circles under the eyes
  • Drooping facial fat and jaw lines
  • Scars and stretch marks and fine wrinkles
  • Excessive sweating anywhere in the body (Botulinum can be effectively delivered to hands, arm pits without needles)
  • Hair loss in both men and women
  • Melting fat anywhere in the body and treating Cellulite (it is extremely effective for localized fat deposits from double chin in the neck to drooping upper arms fat to baby belly to buttocks and thigh cellullite..etc)

Combining Velashape and Mesotherapy in a painless massage like treatment is giving simply amazing results in treating Cellulite and localized fat deposits.

All the Mesotherapy serums and cocktails are made of natural products ingredients that are already existing in our bodies or skin, in addition to vitamins and minerals which may be lacking as we advance in age and get exposed to various aging factors (sun rays, pollution, smoking..etc).

Although results do vary from one person to another, they are very impressive. In Meso-Vela technique, our patients see first hand how their measurements are decreasing week by week and how their cellulite is disappearing slowly with every session.
To keep the good results for much longer, we advise our patient to have one maintenance session every three months and keep enjoying the slim and tight look they obtained, Consider it like going to the Gym for exercises to keep your muscles toned, this treatment will keep your fat toned instead.

These combination treatments are almost exclusive to VeinCure Clinic, they structured in strictly applied protocols by specialized therapists under the direct supervision of the Doctor.

The main combination treatments which are the most popular and asked for are:

  • Meso – Vela treatment (maximum fat melting and cellulite treatment)
  • Meso – T3 treatment (maximum skin tightening effect for younger more youthful look).
  • Meso - Twinlight treatment ( maximum face or neck skin whitening
  • Meso - PRP injections treatment ( maximum younger looking, glowing toght facial skin )
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