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Because they are often ignored in the average woman’s skin treatment and beauty regime, our hands give our age away before our faces do.

No woman wants to betray her true age with a simple hand shake or casual gesture, which is why hand rejuvenation has become a popular way to wage the ongoing war against aging.

Cosmetic hand rejuvenation may sound like an unnecessary procedure, but because our hands are the tools we use to do just about everything, like any well used tool, hands can get worn out and begin to show the signs of aging all too quickly.

The most common signs of aging in the hands are skin related. Age spots and discoloration from sun damage, loss of fatty tissues ( Thining of the skin ), and enlarged veins can all make hands look older than the rest of our bodies. Luckily, there are several skin treatments used to rejuvenate hands and restore the youthful color and contour we once had.

Typically considered to be facial skin treatments, procedures like laser treatment, Thermage, microdermabrasion, vein therapy and Fillers contouring can help to restore the look of youth and elegance in our hands, too.

We’ve assembled a range of different treatments available to treat the appearance of hands, there are many options to choose from, and during your consultation, Our Specialist Surgeon will discuss your expectations in order to determine which combination of purely non surgical treatments will deliver the results you want.
There are various types of hand rejuvenation treatments.

All of these options possess their own set of risks, benefits, costs, and techniques. The more common include:

Bulging Veins Removal: This could be accomplished by variety of gentle and advanced methods such as Endovenous laser, sclerotherapy or Microphlebectomies. The results are extremely satisfying and permanent. We have been doing Endovenous laser ablation of hands veins since 2006 using special small caliber laser fibers that can be threaded into the bulging veins on the back of the hand with simple local anesthetic and once treated , hands veins disappear slowly over the following few days. Smaller unsightly veins can be easily erased by surface laser or Foam Sclerotherapy in few minutes during regular office visit.

Laser Hands Photo-Rejuvenation: Different types of laser equipments could used to erase unsightly age spots and small spider veins and tighten the skin.

Injectable fillers (Radiesse, Restylane, etc.) – When these fillers are injected into the hands they can plump up the skin and give it a more youthful appearance to counteract the loss of fatty tissue and the ” the skeletonized appearance of the hand bones and tendons “, we use long lasting fillers ( 3 years ) , the procedure takes few minutes, mostly painless and the results are immediate.

More recently , we are using Transdermal Mesotherapy technique to infuse Restylane into the back of the hand skin without any needle or pain, the results are simply amazing, this is a fast and painless treatment , done over few sessions with long lasting effect.

We often combine these techniques to get the best results, all of these treatments are provided on a walk in basis , no special preparation is required. The results are highly appreciated by our patients.

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