Botulinum Laser Treatment Sweating

Botulinum is FDA approved for treatment of excessive sweating by blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. 5 minutes procedure gets rid of sweating for 6 months, as simple as that.
When sweat glands don’t receive chemical signals, the excessive sweating stops.

So we use Botulinum injections at strategic points in the underarms, hands, soles, neck, back, inner thighs…etc. to effectively and safely stop the excessive sweating and its social embarrassment for several months to come.

The VeinCure advantages in Botulinum injections for excessive sweating are as follows:

  1. Starch test is conducted on each area to be injected for more accuracy and effectiveness (a simple 10 minutes test that can help the Doctor localize the concentrated sweat glands).
  2. Hair thin needles specially imported from the USA are used after applying anesthetic cream for maximum patient comfort.
  3. Fresh vial of Botulinum (not stored) is opened for each patient to further guarantee the effectiveness and avoid any chance of cross contamination.
  4. Botulinum injections are performed daily at VeinCure during regular visits. No special preparation is needed, we use special mesotherapy tools that allow us to do both arm pits or hands or feet in less than five minutes with minimal discomfort.
  5. We can always combine the Botulinum treatment with New surface laser treatment to prolong the effect of the treatment. 

You can book a regular appointment at our clinic to have your treatment, after which you can return to your daily activities with no down time at all and with excellent results.

Now we are offering our patients a minimally invasive ( EnoLaser treatment ) , more permanent solutions to excessive sweating that you can discuss with Specialist Laser Surgeon during your first consultation, it's a half an hour procedure under simple local anesthesia with excellent promissing results.

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