Facial Wrinkles Tightening

By now most people have learned about Botulinium and its uses in eliminating frown lines between the eyes, forehead lines and crows feet wrinkles on the side of the eyes.
Botulinium injections have been approved for cosmetic use to ease over-active muscle movement that causes the wrinkles or skin folds being treated.
The results are quite impressive which has made Botulinium injections the most common cosmetic procedure requested worldwide.
At VeinCure, we offer Botulinium injections service all day, everyday, with few distinctive advantages:

  1. We open a Fresh American made NEW Botulinium vial for every patient (stored Botulinium loses its effect in few hours but unfortunately many clinics still store it).
  2. We use special micro-injection needles that produce no pain or bruising upon insertion and provide accurate and precise amount of delivered Botulinium.
  3. We apply a special anesthetic cream before any injection for further patient comfort.

The results are consistently amazing, predictable and natural and the side effects are extremely rare, minimal and temporary. Most patients love our Botulinium results and come back every six months for more. Our secret has been in our simple principle in applying conservative, gentle and precise techniques that result in a very pleasing , youthful and natural look to the face while avoiding the total ”plasticy” or ”paralyzed, expressionless” look we see in some patients who had Botulinium injections elsewhere.

Fillers on the other hand, are used on the face to plump up thin lips, enhance shallow contours of the cheeks, soften facial creases and wrinkles around the nose and mouth or improve the appearance of recessed scars, as well as rejuvenate the aging looks of the hands.

The Fillers used at VeinCure is a natural substance found in our bodies, it is very safe, it does not require any allergy test and it lasts for 6 months and longer.
We also use longer lasting Fillers (which lasts up to 2 years) after establishing its benefit to the patient through one or two short acting Filler.
The advantages of Fillers at VeinCure are many:

  1. We use only the best original brands of Fillers available in the market.
  2. We apply local anesthetic cream or dental block as needed to further patients comfort.
  3. The entire face can be treated in few minutes, without any significant discomfort by the precise, skillful placement of Fillers in the correct planes under the wrinkles and folds, all Fillers are performed by Dr. Aji himself, the results are instantly amazing.

Botulinium and Fillers are usually administered after finishing our skin laser treatment of the face, neck and other treated areas or in combination with other laser treatment as a package.

Fillers are also used to rejuvenate the back of the hands and plump up its skin to give it back its youthful look , the results of the Radiesse on the hands are excellent.

Before / After

Forehead lines before and after Botulinium injections Before and after Fillers injections and laser Photo-Rejuvenation Botulinium treatment results
The best wrinkles to erase with Botulinium (Crow’s feet) Artistic Fillers injestions results  
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