Laser Acne Scars Removal

The laser has proven to be more effective in the reduction of ongoing acne than any prescription or over the counter medication ever made.

The conbination of accurate Laser treatment with medical grade high quality topical treatment has produced the best results in clearing Acne that we have ever seen in the past.

The appropriate Laser, when used by the specialist Doctor treating acne causes the following effects:

  1. Kills the bacteria causing the acne flare ups.
  2. Significantly reduces the sebum production (This is the oily substance found in pores causing pimples and blackheads)
  3. Smoothes out the scaring caused by old acne
  4. Removes of the darker brownish pigmentations left behind from older acne.

The net effect of laser treatment of acne is a great reduction in acne breakouts, scars and over-all visible improvement in the health of the skin with the added benefits of skin tightening and permanent pores size reduction.

For acne patients we design a simple but extremely effective multi-modalities treatment plan that requires few visits to the clinic, each one is 10-15 minutes long, and it serves to control the patients’ acne condition and beautify the skin starting immediately following the first visit.

 Before / After

Active Acne Acne Severe Acne case treated by Laser over a period of four months
Acne Scars Sebaceous Hyperplasia Keratosis Pilaris
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