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Liquid Facelift Botulinum

The difference between “Aging” and “Graceful Aging” can be 1 hour

Wrinkles are formed as we age as a result of the gradual elongation of our collagen bands that hold our skin tight to our muscles and fat underneath it.

It is the effect of gravity and wear and tear factor over the years of use and exposure to the sun and various temperatures, humidity and pollutants, in addition to our hereditary genetics.

Wrinkles can be reversed by one of the following principles / treatments:

  1. Relaxing the muscles underneath the folds or wrinkles (Botulinum)
  2. Filling the skin crease present i.e. flattening the fold or wrinkle (Fillers)
  3. Tightening the collagen bands to their original short and plump shape (T3 laser treatment)
    Our most requested laser treatment at VeinCure.
  4. Infiltrating Tightening and Filling ingredients into the deep layers of the skin in order to stimulate the self rejuvenation process of the facial skin, this treatment can be achieved now without any needle injection by Transdermal Mesotherapy (or TDM is a new FDA approved technology that allows your Doctor to effectively ” water” the deep layers of your skin with the necessary ingredients for its healthy, tight and glowing look).

Botulinum and Fillers are more suited for localized problem areas in the forehead, around the eyes and the Naso-Labial fold (the fold going from the nose to the corners of the mouth). Fillers are also valuable in filling the lips and some shallow areas in the cheeks and around the eyes and the jaw line.
Please read more about our Botulinum and Fillers distinctive services by clicking on their corresponding link.

Skillful use of Botulinum and Fillers can produce dramatic improvements in the face and neck appearance almost immediately, they have been one of the most requested treatments in cosmetic clinics worlwide because of their simplicity and immediate visible results.

One must not get carried away with the use of Botulinum or Fillers, because they can produce an expression-less, un-natural look..therefor, we apply at our clinic the principle of natural beauty, so it’s OK to have some lines around your eyes when you lough, it is completely normal and does not take away from your beauty, but these lines should not be visible at rest….etc.

Our Botulinum and Fillers techniques apply very strict steril measures (Fresh Ampul for every patient), very small special needles to minimze discomfort and avoid any bruizing, we use only the original American made and FDA approved Botulinum solutions and Fillers.

The T3 Treatment and Twinlight Treatment on the other hand work in a more homogeneous way to tighten the entire face or neck or any other areas of the body where mild to moderate skin sagging, large pores and fine wrinkles are the problem. The net effect of T3 treatment (3 sessions 2 weeks apart) is a long lasting tightening of the facial skin, that looks healthier and thicker with subtle glow (often described by patients as “permanent Facial”, referring to the way they look after having had a good facial treatment at a medical spa, only this time lasting up to a year instead of disappearing the following day).

The T3 has replaced the old Thermage and/or Fraxel treatments because of its effectiveness, simplicity, safety and superior effectiveness over other technologies (You can read more about it in the Non-surgical face lift page).

The T3 treatment (or the new Thermage) can be applied to any area of the body, including the face, neck, chest , abdomen, thighs, and other areas.

Twinlight Treatment is similar to T3 treatment in addition to skin resurfacing which we add whenever we find multiple blemishes, pigmentations, old scars, irregularities and granular facial skin, it causes the effect of smoothing out the skin, unifying its color and removing most superficial pigmentations.

T3 treatment or Twinlight Treatment should not be mistaken with Photo rejuvenation therapy which is geared more to address the more superficial problems in the skin, such as acne, brown spots, redness, blotchy skin, uneven skin tone… etc. For this purpose, we use a specialized new laser that removes red and brown pigment from the face, dries up the oily content of the skin glands, removes the superficial fine hair and restores the skin original youthful appearance.

We often combine these treatments with TransDermal Mesotherapy (without needles) to enhance the overall efficacy. The results are simply dazzling, albeit different from one patient to another.

At VeinCure , we do not like to do any of the more ablative (burning) skin treatments such as deep chemical peels or CO2 Fractional or Non Fractional laser treatments, we simply do not believe in these aggressive and often debilitating treatments that cause prolonged social down time and severe burning of the superficial layers of the skin and lackluster long time results. We beleive that a properly performed T3 treatment / Twinlight Treatment with or without some TDM ( TransDermal Mesotherapy ) will produce much better and much longer lasting results with no downtime at all.

During your first visit and consultation with our JLT Clinic , the Doctor will identify for you the facial (or other areas) skin problems you have and what could be done about them, He will present to you the options available to you and what to expect upon their applications, and then , depending on what you would like to achieve, we will start the treatment plan. For the One hour Facial Make-over treatment, we often combine several non surgical and gentle treatments in the same visit in order to achieve the maximum desired improvements. Few examples of popular combinations are:

  • Tight and Healty Executive look Few conservative Botulinum injections to the upper face (very natural results) + T3 treatment to the entire face and neck region with One Facial TDM session. This treatment will provide a dramatically healthier look with no exagerated corrections (Treatment time: total one hour)
  • Pure younger look Botulinum to upper face + Fillers to Naso-Labial folds and Lips + T3 treatment to the entire face and neck region + Facial TDM series (Treatment time: total one hour) plus three 30 minutes visits for Facial TDMs.
  • Clear and healthy Mom’s face T3 treatment to the face + Photo-Rejuvenation to the face to both tighten the skin and clear the pigmentations and capillaries + one Facial TDM session (treatment time: total one hour).

The end results are simply beautiful and the process is clean and painless, we often end up also prescribing to most our patients the best medical grade products that maintain the effects of our treatments for long time, one of our favorite product is Growth Factor Serum, a product that goes in its effect beyond the moisturizing effect of most cosmetic creams to actually stimulate the skin renewal process of your skin (a process that unfortunately stops at age 30 and gets only activated in case of Skin injury or as lately has been discovered through T3 treatments complimented by GFS application to the Skin). We have also several other products recommendations for various skin conditions such as Acne, Pigmentations, Rosacea, Large pores, Stretch Marks, Cellulite, Joints brownish discoloration, Post acne scars, wrinkles, dark eye circles..etc.

One common factor in our topical treatments choices is: Real Results, using only medical grade products proved medically to positively alter the condition being treated for sustained and prolonged period of time.

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