Why Choose Us

First of all, What's in common between these two fields : Veins & Proctology ?
Simple, both fields share almost all the same laser equipments , tools and treatment principles
We are a team of Specialist Surgeons who dedicated all our practice to removing unsightly veins, capillaries and all vascular related lesions and treating all painful anal disorders such as Hemorrhoids and other very common proctology conditions in a non-painful simple laser based methods

So ..? Why choose us ?

We know that Dermatologists, General Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons and Vascular Surgeons all do what we do , but our advantage is
"That is ALL what we do"
so we have all the advanced tools, lasers and innovative cutting edge technologies and experience that allow us to make our treatments fast, effective , very safe and simple...
Patients demand is the driver behind our endeavor ..and our accumulative experience with thousands of successful Vascular and Proctology treatments and happy patients is the secrete of our success

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