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CSEH Group (CosmeSurge Emirate Hospital Group) is one of the largest private healthcare delivery service groups in the UAE, we have elected to combine our efforts with VeinCure Clinic ,DMCC (and its subsidiary ProctoCure clinic -DMCC) and take this “Highly Specialized ” health service clinic to the next level, in brining to you VeinCure’s strong and proven records in treating varicose/spider/various venous conditions and multiple common anorectal (proctology) conditions such as hemorrhoids, anal fissure, fistula, pilonidal cyst, rectal bleeding…etc., All these cases are treated by effective, safe and mostly painless laser based methods on same day basis, with no downtime, hospitalization, general anesthesia or other dreadful complications that plagued traditional surgery of such conditions.

It was the success of VeinCure clinic, under the direction of a seasoned American board certified surgeon, Dr. Sarmad Aji, FACS, that made us decide to open eight VeinCure Clinics throughout the UAE and Oman, each one of them is fully equipped, staffed, and administered by highly trained specialist surgeons who accepted the challenge and dedication of their entire practice to these highly specialized services. The end result is obvious, it is certainly a major advantage to our patients.

VeinCure Clinic is the largest Veins and Proctology Clinic in the Middle East

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