Insurance Coverage

Do we accept Insurance Cards  ?

All our branches will accept most medical insurance cards as the primary method of payment for all Proctology cases and the advanced varicose veins cases, you will be responsible for paying only your Insurance copayment, if any, for the service we provide you.

The only exception is our JLT Clinic which accepts cash patients only, we will fill your Insurance forms at the JLT clinic for you to collect from your Insurance company according to your policy but you remain responsible for paying our fees at time of service.

Will my Insurance cover my treatment or surgery at your Clinic ?

We participate at all our Branches ( with the only exception of our JLT Clinic ) with most medical Insurance companies in the UAE,  most Insurance companies cover medically necessary treatments and Laser surgeries, in most cases we apply for you for Pre-approval from your Insurance company and once received we will contact you to schedule your treatment or surgery, we have a special dedicated billing department for this purpose, we will follow up with your Insurance until you get your approval.
Most Insurance companies do not cover cosmetic treatments, such as spider veins laser treatments or Sclerotherapy but they do cover medically necessary advanced Varicose Veins Laser treatments if your condition and Venous ultrasound case meet certain criteria.

Are all Proctology ( Anal disorders such as Hemorrhoids, Fissure, fistula...etc ) Cases covered by Insurance ?

Yes, in most cases , they are considered medically necessary cases and therefor they are covered, the only exception being if your condition is considered a pre-existing condition, meaning you have had it ( you were aware of it or you had seen a doctor for it ) before you joined your Insurance company, in which case, some Insurance companies can deny you coverage on the base of " Pre-Existing condition exclusion ".

How do insurance companies determin if my Veins treatment is medically necessary or not ?

This is a good question, in general, most Insurance companies consider small spider veins cases cosmetic in nature even if the patient complaint of pain, swelling and other symptoms ( with the exception of some high end policies which cover these cases ). They will , nevertheless, cover your consultation with the Doctor and may be your Venous Ultrasound Test.
Some Insurance companies do cover Sclerotherapy ( Injections treatment of veins )  when performed for medical complaint such as pain, itching, bleeding..etc.
As to Varicose Veins cases ( those are the large bulging leg veins cases ), Insurance companies have certain conditions to approve coverage of their treatment, it has to be " medically necessary " , meaning that the case meet two or more of the following conditions :
1- Your condition is causing pain for which You have tried medical treatment ( Pain medications and Compression stockings ) for more than 6 months to no avail.
2- The pain in your legs is interfering with your life style and daily activities.
3- You have had ( more than once ) developed bruizing in your leg ( spontaneous bleeding under the skin ) after long walks or exercises.
4- You have had ( at least once ) developed firm tenderness and swelling and redness over a segment of your varicose veins ( called episode of superficial Thrombophlebitis ).
5- Your Venous Ultrasound ( a test we do ) findings and your Examination meet certain measurements and criteria.

Although the above sounds complicated and a little exagerated on the side of requirements, most Insurance companies are reasonable and will cover the advanced varicose veins case when it's performed for real medical , and not cosmetic, reason. We can always apply for Pre-approval for you and make sure you will be covered.

Final Note : Although we use at VeinCure Clinic advanced Laser methods to treat all Proctology and veins cases, which involve expensive tools and consumables not present in traditional surgeries, our overall cost, when everything and the total patient's care is considered, is the same if not less than traditional surgery, this due to the simplicity of the procedures, the lack of General Anesthesia and hospitalization and the quick recovery.

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