Welcome to VeinCure Clinic

Services We offer at VeinCure Clinic are two kinds

Veins disorders
Varicose and spider veins and Facial capillaries ..
Proctology disorders
Hemorrhoids , Anal Fissures , Fistula and Cysts..

Conditions we specialize in treating

We have several branches throughout  the UAE
Jumeirah Lakes Towers   -   Jumeirah Blvd   -   Marina   -   Khalifa City   -   Abu Dhabi   -   Al Ain

What's in common between these two fields ?

Simple, both fields share almost all the same treatment principles laser equipments and tools

We are a team of 4 Specialist Surgeons headed by
Dr. Sarmad Aji, FACS , an American Board Certified Surgeon with passion for
Veins , Proctology and Laser Treatments

We dedicated all our practice to removing unsightly veins, capillaries and all vascular related lesions and treating all painful anal disorders such as Hemorrhoids and other common proctology conditions in a non-painful simple laser based methods

Many Doctors and Clinics do what we do but our advantage is
" This is ALL what we do "

We have performed thousands of successful Vascular and Proctology Laser treatments in the UAE
We love what we do and it shows

Naturally we have more advanced tools, lasers and newer technologies and experience that allow us to make our treatments effective , safe and simple.

In addition to our main Clinic in
Dubai - Jumeirah Lakes Towers ( Dr. S. Aji )
VeinCure Clinic is happy to inform you of
The opening of our new VeinCure Clinic at CosmeSurge Branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Part of Emirates hospital Group - All Insurances accepted

Jumeirah blvd Branch & Marina branch ( Drs. A. Dandan and S. Tulpule )
Jumeirah Blvd CosmeSurge Clinics
Daily from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Marina CosmeSurge Clinics
Daily from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
(we evening hours On Sundays and Tuesdays)

Abu Dhabi CosmeSurge Clinic ( Dr. Hayan Adi )
Daily 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
with evening hours on Mon and wed
Abu Dhabi , Khalifa City and Al Ain

Special Introductory 50% off regular price discount applies at All our branches
for All Spider Veins Laser Treatments
(This offer is available for a limited period only, see other special offers)

All our Clinics offer full Veins and Proctology Services
Only Our JLT Clinic offers Cosmetic concerns Treatments in addition to Veins and Proctology
You can check our Clinics locations easily in Map below
To schedule an appointment, just call the number indicated and ask for " VeinCure Clinic " appointment
You click on the button " Call us Now " on top of this page , leave your number and we will call you promptly

VeinCure Clinics Locations